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Implant Dentistry in New York

For individuals who wish to replace missing teeth, implant dentistry at our New York practice may be an effective long-term solution. Dental implants provide greater structural support and last longer than either bridges or dentures. Dental implants serve as the artificial root to which new teeth are bonded. They are typically constructed of titanium, a strong and safe material that effectively attaches to bone. The procedure to insert dental implants typically involves three steps: the implant insertion stage, osseointegration (the period of healing for the jawbone), and the attachment of the restoration or new tooth.

Dental implant before and after

Implant dentistry, or “prosthodontics,” is performed in our Staten Island office. Dr. Mormino, one of the expert prosthodontists in New York, performs implant dentistry on patients from Staten Island, Brooklyn, greater New York, and New Jersey.

Tooth Whitening in New York

There have been several methods of tooth whitening in recent years, marking the evolution of cosmetic dentistry.

There are store-bought, over-the-counter whitening kits that are not dentist supervised and can have some unpleasant side effects. There are home tray tooth whitening treatments available at many dental offices, including our Staten Island practice. These kits do work, but they require a significant time commitment for several weeks in order to see results. Relapse is also a problem unless tooth whitening is maintained regularly.

Teeth whitening before and after

“Power Tooth Whitening” and laser tooth whitening are also methods that are used, but they are very technique sensitive and the results are unpredictable. We’ve tried all of these tooth-whitening methods in our cosmetic dentistry office.

ZOOM! is different – it is a form of Power Tooth Whitening with some amazing benefits. The ergonomic design of the tooth whitening system maximizes the whitening effect with a minimum amount of chair time. This results in whiter, brighter teeth in about one hour, with a minimum of after-care maintenance. The results will have you smiling all the way home!

We use ZOOM! tooth whitening in our Staten Island office, where we treat patients from Staten Island, Brooklyn, and other parts of New York, as well as New Jersey.

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Dental Implants

Dental implants restore strength and stability to your bite after tooth loss. These small, titanium posts hold your dental crown, bridge, or denture securely in place so you can eat and speak with confidence. At his Staten Island, NY, office, Dr. Joseph Mormino will design a surgical plan to place your dental implants and create beautiful implant-supported restorations at his on-site laboratory. 

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My experience with Dr. Mormino has been great. I have always had the fear of visiting a dentist. Since I have been with Dr. Mormino my fears have gone. His staff are also wonderful. I am made to feel comfortable and relaxed at all times.