Smiles Tomorrow LLC vs Traditional Dentures

While traditional dentures can provide improved function and aesthetics, they have significant shortcomings when compared to our Smiles Tomorrow treatment. Namely, Smiles Tomorrow can allow the right candidates to eat any foods they choose and avoid the jaw atrophy that occurs after tooth loss. If you are suffering from a severely compromised smile, Dr. Joseph T. Mormino in Staten Island, NY, invites you to learn more about Smiles Tomorrow vs traditional dentures.

Unlike traditional dentures, Smiles Tomorrow bridges (left) are supported by dental implants for functionality similar to what healthy natural teeth provide.


While Smiles Tomorrow can provide important benefits, some patients are better suited to traditional dentures. During a consultation, we will discuss and examine:

Patient Goals: If a patient would like to be able to eat any tough, crunchy, or sticky foods they choose without having to cut meals into small pieces beforehand, Smiles Tomorrow should be considered. Meanwhile, if a patient has an occupation that requires a great deal of verbal communication, Smiles Tomorrow can often provide improved enunciation and aesthetics.

Health and LifestyleUncontrolled diabetes, smoking, and other factors can compromise your ability to heal, which could complicate the fusion of dental implants to your jaw. These factors can also complicate a bone grafting procedure or a sinus lift

If you suffer from periodontal disease, or if you have delayed addressing missing teeth, this may affect your candidacy for dental implants. In this case, we can provide periodontal treatments or refer you to a surgeon who can provide bone grafting or a sinus lift. Periodontal disease must be addressed before proceeding with any restorative treatment, but if you do not wish to undergo bone grafting or a sinus lift, we may recommend traditional dentures.

Cost: A traditional denture is a more affordable option. However, we offer financing options that can help the right candidates to afford Smiles Tomorrow. During your consultation, our staff can explain these options to help you make an informed decision. 

Jawbone Retention

Thanks to dental implants, Smiles Tomorrow can prevent jawbone recession following tooth loss. Traditional dentures cannot. Without implants, the jaw will shrink and change shape over time. While traditional dentures will require ongoing adjustments in order to fit your jaw as it changes, Smiles Tomorrow may never require adjustments. This benefit can provide a significant savings in terms of time and money over the years.

Find Out Which Solution is Best for You

To determine if Smiles Tomorrow or a traditional restoration will provide you with the greatest benefits, please send us a message or give us a call at (718) 876-9100 to set up a consultation with Dr. Mormino. During your consultation, Dr. Mormino will carefully assess the state of your smile and other factors to help you understand your options and choose the right solution. We look forward to helping restore your smile, your health, and your confidence.