From our Family to Yours, we hope and pray that everyone in your life is healthy and feeling well. To say we are living in uncertain times is a massive understatement and fear is normal. However, Faith is what fuels us through times of fear and uncertainty. Many of you have reached out to see if our office is open during this crisis. Please rest assured that as Healthcare Providers, treating patients is what we do. The Infection Control and Anti-viral protocols that we have practiced for 30 years to protect our Patients and Staff from viruses stronger than Covid-19 is what the rest of the world is just catching up to now. So the answer is YES we are open for treating emergency patients on an as needed basis and taking care of patient's needs. Our On-Site Laboratory also makes us uniquely qualified to handle emergencies in a timely and efficient way.

Additionally, many dental offices on Staten Island and Brooklyn have simply shut their doors completely during this crisis leaving many patients with emergencies and potential infections in need. The last thing we want is for those patients to resort to emergency rooms when hospitals and staff are already extremely overburdened. Rest assured that we and our On-Site Lab are welcoming new emergency patients in need, to treat you and your family in a timely and safe way.

We are also working on a proprietary method to perform consultations using tele-dentistry and should have a method on-line to help patients with that soon.

Humans are resilient, New Yorkers even more than most!!! We will get through this. We are here to help however we can.

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TMJ Treatment Can Reduce Painful Symptoms and Improve Your Quality of Life

Dr. Joseph T. Mormino offers TMJ treatment at our Staten Island, NY, office. He can prescribe custom oral appliances that correct occlusal issues causing inflammation and other symptoms related to temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder. The temporomandibular joints are located in front of the ears and connect the lower jaw with the skull. Stress and pressure on this joint from conditions such as bruxism (teeth grinding) and malocclusion can cause serious pain. TMJ disorder is complex, and in many cases, symptoms stem from an imbalance between the upper and lower jaws. To learn more about how Dr. Mormino treats TMJ disorder, contact our office today.

What are the Symptoms of TMJ disorder?

If you are suffering from TMJ disorder, you are probably experiencing some pain in the jaw. You may notice this pain is worse when you try to speak or chew. Your jaw may also pop or lock when speaking or eating. In addition to jaw pain, many patients suffering from TMJ disorder also experience frequent earaches, headaches, and neck and shoulder pain. In many instances, sufferers may not associate the symptoms they experience with jaw issues. However, we encourage you to talk about these symptoms during your next checkup - Dr. Mormino may be able to provide insight regarding the cause.

How is TMJ Disorder Diagnosed and Treated?

To diagnose TMJ disorder, Dr. Mormino must perform a thorough examination. After reviewing your symptoms, he will carefully examine your teeth and jaw. Your teeth may show signs of erosion resulting from bruxism. He will also check your occlusion to ensure your upper and lower jaw are meeting properly. He can also take x-rays and run other tests to ensure a proper diagnosis.

In addition to jaw pain, many patients suffering from TMJ disorder also experience frequent ear aches, headaches, and neck and shoulder pain. 

If he determines TMJ disorder is the cause of your pain, Dr. Mormino can recommend a course of treatment. Many patients benefit from a custom-made oral appliance. After taking impressions of your teeth, we can create an oral appliance that will snugly and comfortably fit over your teeth. This appliance works by preventing your teeth from touching while you sleep. It can also significantly reduce the stress placed on your jaw as a result of grinding or clenching.

Most oral appliances are worn at night. In some cases, however, Dr. Mormino may recommend wearing your oral appliance throughout the day. 

tmj mouth guard
A simple oral appliance can often provide immediate relief.

Benefits of TMJ Treatment

Oral appliances offer a wide range of benefits. Because our oral appliances are custom-made, they are not bulky and uncomfortable like many other options. For instance, there are some over-the-counter options available, but they can be extremely uncomfortable and ineffective. Your prescription appliance will fit very comfortably. Most patients begin to experience improvements in their TMJ disorder symptoms within just a few days. You should begin to notice less pain and soreness in the jaw, teeth, and surrounding areas. Headaches and earaches should subside as well.

Find Out if TMJ Treatment is Right for You

TMJ disorder can be incredibly frustrating, painful, and complicated. However, a skilled dentist's treatment can often significantly reduce painful symptoms. If you are suffering from chronic jaw pain, contact us today and schedule an appointment. 

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