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What Is Dental Bonding?

You have your regular morning routine. You wake up early in the morning, shower, and get dressed for work. Breakfast usually consists of oatmeal with a banana and a strong cup of coffee, and you listen to the news as you finish final preparations for the day. Everyday, you look in the mirror on your way out the door and grimace at your one chipped tooth. If only there was a way to fix that tooth quickly, you mumble to yourself as you head out the door.

Dr. Joseph Mormino and his Staten Island team are here to help with dental bonding. Dental bonding repairs a wide array of cosmetic dental issues, and can make a dramatic difference in the look of a smile. Through this blog, you will learn all about the benefits of dental bonding, and how you can transform your smile in one office visit.

Considering Dental Bonding

Dental bonding offers patient an easy and inexpensive way to repair a wide array of dental issues, including:

  • Teeth that are cracked

  • Teeth that are chipped

  • Teeth that are decayed

  • Improve the appearance of stained teeth

  • An alternative to silver amalgam fillings

  • Alter the shape and length of teeth

The process is simple and little preparation is required in advance. A resin is matched to your tooth color, and Dr. Joseph Mormino uses technical skills and precision to shape the resin to fill cracks and repair an issue. An ultraviolet light is used to harden the material, and final trimming takes place.

In only one visit to the dentist, you can walk away subtle changes that can make a dramatic difference. Little tooth enamel needs to be removed to make room for the bonding material, and typically the procedure does not require a numbing agent or anesthesia. In addition, bonded teeth do not require special care after the procedure. Simply brush, floss, and visit Dr. Mormino for regular dental care.

Learn More about Dental Bonding

If you would like to learn more information about dental bonding, dental implants, or any of our other dental procedures and services, please call our Staten Island Smiles team. We will answer all of your questions about the procedure and process, and schedule a consultation with top dentist, Dr. Joseph Mormino.

With Dr. Morminos attention to detail, you can be assured that with dental bonding, your smile will look better than ever, in less time than you ever thought possible. Call our Staten Island practice today to learn how such a transformation is possible.


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