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Teeth Whitening and Your Smile

It is a brand new year, and you are ready to hit the ground running to achieve your goals. The day starts out with a trip to the gym and a delicious fruit smoothie, and you are feeling alive and ready to go. Before you head out the door to work, you take one last glance into the mirror. But when you look back at your reflection, you notice that your teeth are not as bright as you thought they were.

This is where Dr. Joseph Mormino can help. At Staten Island Smiles, we offer teeth whitening services that can make a dramatic difference in how you feel about your smile. Through our latest dental technology and services, you can achieve a beautiful, younger looking smile in one quick office visit to our Staten Island clinic. Keep reading Dr. Morminos blog to learn more!

BriteSmile at Staten Island Smiles

Over the years, a smile can accumulate various stains and appear yellow in color. With the BriteSmile whitening system, you can brighten and whiten your smile multiple shades in as little as an hour in our dental office.

The BriteSmile teeth whitening system is a form of power tooth whitening that is proven to be safe and effective. This system has been designed so that a patient can spend less time in the dentists office, and more time smiling.

During the procedure, the BriteSmile teeth whitening gel is applied to your teeth. A gentle blue light then activates the gel while you relax for about one hour. By the time you are ready to leave, your smile will be whiter, brighter, and compliment you to the fullest.

When you schedule a consultation with Dr. Joseph Mormino, you will lean more about BriteSmile and find if this procedure could be a good fit for you. You do not have to settle for a smile that you are unsatisfied with for any longer. Learn more about the BriteSmile teeth whitening system today!

Learn More about Teeth Whitening

If you would like to find out more information about teeth whitening at Staten Island Smiles, do not hesitate to give our dental team a call. We will answer all of your questions about teeth whitening and the BriteSmile system.

The beginning of 2014 is an excellent time to start the year with a smile. Learn more about our cosmetic dentistry services today!


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