Repair Dental Damage with Treatment for Tooth Fractures By drmori on December 29, 2016

Woman at a dental appointmentThe teeth are designed to perform the day-to-day tasks of biting and chewing without compromising the sensitive tissues that lie at the center of the tooth. However, an oral injury can damage the structure of the tooth and leave these delicate tissues exposed. This is why it is so important to treat a tooth fracture as soon as possible before further dental complications develop. Dr. Joseph T. Mormino offers a range of restorative dentistry treatments that repair damage to prevent more serious oral health problems, such as infection and tooth loss. The extent of a tooth fracture will help determine which of type of restorative dentistry treatment is right for each patient. By undergoing treatment for tooth fractures at our Staten Island, NY dental practice, patients can restore the strength, function, and beauty of a damaged tooth.

Dental Bonding

When a fracture is minor, or primarily cosmetic in nature, Dr. Mormino will likely recommend dental bonding. Dental bonding involves the application of a tooth-colored compound directly to the surface of the tooth. This compound is shaped and molded so that it fills in fractures and seals off the tooth to prevent any bacteria from reaching the deeper layers of the tooth. Once the fracture has been repaired, the compound is hardened so it bonds with the tooth and provides an added layer of strength. Dental bonding is an affordable, effective, non-invasive treatment for the most minor tooth fractures.

Dental Crown

A dental crown is the best treatment option for moderate to severe tooth fractures. Before placing a dental crown, Dr. Mormino will reshape the tooth. This involves filing the tooth down to remove damaged tooth enamel. The natural tooth that remains will be covered by a dental crown. These “caps” are dental restorations that are fabricated in a dental lab. Each crown is designed to meet the unique needs of the patient. A dental crown blends in seamlessly with the natural smile, enhances oral strength and functions, and protects the tooth on all visible surfaces to prevent bacteria from entering the center of the tooth and causing an infection.

Root Canal Therapy

In some cases, a tooth fracture may cause a root canal infection. A severe fracture exposes the sensitive tissues at the center of the tooth and makes it possible for bacteria to infect these tissues. Root canal therapy treats the infection by removing damaged tissues, cleaning the roots of the tooth, and filling the tooth with a rubber-like compound. When the infection has been eliminated, the tooth will be treated with a dental crown to strengthen the tooth and minimize the risk of a further infection.

Dental Implants

In some cases, severe tooth fractures can be repaired. However, if a crack is deep enough that it reaches the roots of the tooth, extraction may be necessary. After a tooth is removed, it is important to replace it with a strong restoration. Dental implants support various dental restorations and provide replacement for the roots of the missing tooth as well.

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When a tooth is fractured, it is important to repair the crack and seal the tooth to prevent further dental complications. Dr. Joseph T. Mormino offers a range of restorative dentistry treatments that can repair the most minor to severe tooth fractures. To learn more about these dental treatments, schedule an appointment with Dr. Mormino at your earliest convenience.

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