From our Family to Yours, we hope and pray that everyone in your life is healthy and feeling well. To say we are living in uncertain times is a massive understatement and fear is normal. However, Faith is what fuels us through times of fear and uncertainty. Many of you have reached out to see if our office is open during this crisis. Please rest assured that as Healthcare Providers, treating patients is what we do. The Infection Control and Anti-viral protocols that we have practiced for 30 years to protect our Patients and Staff from viruses stronger than Covid-19 is what the rest of the world is just catching up to now. So the answer is YES we are open for treating emergency patients on an as needed basis and taking care of patient's needs. Our On-Site Laboratory also makes us uniquely qualified to handle emergencies in a timely and efficient way.

Additionally, many dental offices on Staten Island and Brooklyn have simply shut their doors completely during this crisis leaving many patients with emergencies and potential infections in need. The last thing we want is for those patients to resort to emergency rooms when hospitals and staff are already extremely overburdened. Rest assured that we and our On-Site Lab are welcoming new emergency patients in need, to treat you and your family in a timely and safe way.

We are also working on a proprietary method to perform consultations using tele-dentistry and should have a method on-line to help patients with that soon.

Humans are resilient, New Yorkers even more than most!!! We will get through this. We are here to help however we can.

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Joseph T. Mormino, DDS

Dental Implants

After losing teeth, many people struggle due to gaps in their smile. Missing teeth can even affect your general health over time.

Dr. Joseph T. Mormino coordinates with specialists to offer dental implants, which are recognized as the best method of tooth replacement.

Tell me more about what implants can do…

dental implants

An Unparalleled Solution for Missing Teeth


With proper care, dental implants can last for the rest of your life. However, you must still attend bi-annual cleanings and exams to preserve the health of your smile.


Tooth loss not only causes gaps that detract from your appearance but also causes the jawbone to shrink over time. Dental implants prevent jawbone atrophy by stimulating the tissue. This can help prevent serious oral health complications. 


Implant-supported dentures will never move out of position, so you can eat and speak properly. Additionally, the restorations attached to your implants are made from highly realistic materials so you can smile with confidence.

Dental implants work with other components to replace the entire tooth...

You are not alone...

Tooth Loss Is a Common Problem But It Can Be Treated

Dental implants

Implant-supported restorations are indistinguishable from natural teeth.

Implants are small metal posts that are placed in the jaw to act as artificial tooth roots and provide an unmatched level of support for dental restorations. With a skilled and highly experienced implant dentist and an advanced on-site dental lab, we can perform every stage of your implants treatment under one roof.  

Dr. Joseph Mormino is known as one of the best implant, cosmetic, and family dentists in the New York area because of his dedication to providing a comfortable and pain-free dental experience to his patients. His practice offers a warm, welcoming environment, with an on-site dental lab. In his post-graduate training, he studied the full curriculum under Dr. Peter Dawson, one of the most prominent comprehensive dentists in the world...

Dental Implants 

Dental implants restore strength and stability to your bite after tooth loss. These small, titanium posts hold your dental crown, bridge, or denture securely in place so you can eat and speak with confidence. At his Staten Island, NY, office, Dr. Joseph Mormino will design a surgical plan to place your dental implants and create beautiful implant-supported restorations at his on-site laboratory.

Dental Implants Candidates

Dental implants are designed for patients with missing teeth. In addition to being in good oral health, candidates should also be non-smokers (or be willing to quit for several months). One of the biggest factors affecting candidacy is jawbone strength. Since the jawbone will begin to atrophy after tooth loss, some patients will find that they do not have sufficient jawbone density to support the embedded posts. In these cases, Dr. Mormino may recommend a bone grafting or sinus lift procedure to improve a patient's candidacy. 

What to Expect During Treatment

A dental implants treatment involves multiple procedures. Fortunately, we can perform every step here in our office. During implants surgery, Dr. Mormino will place a single implant post into the jaw to replace each missing tooth. The implants will be left to heal for four to six months, during which time the posts will become fused with the surrounding jawbone. As a second procedure, Dr. Mormino will attach an abutment, or connector piece, which rests above the gum line. After the area around the abutment heals, you will return to our office to have your custom-crafted crown, bridge, or denture secured firmly in place, restoring the strength, function, and appearance of your smile. All of our restorations are made here in our dental lab, ensuring that your new teeth will blend beautifully with your smile.

Joseph T. Mormino, D.D.S.

Dr. Mormino and his team

Dr. Mormino is a member of several prestigious organizations:

  • American Dental Association
  • Second District Dental Association
  • International Congress of Oral Implantologist 
  • Academy of General Dentistry 

To schedule your consultation, contact us online or call us at (718) 876-9100.

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