Restore Your Confidence with a Smiles Tomorrow Partial Bridge By drmori on March 15, 2018

Patients who are missing some of their natural teeth usually need a partial bridge to replace them. Having a partial bridge fabricated using traditional techniques is a lengthy and exacting process that can take weeks or even months to complete. This is particularly true if the bridge is to be supported by implants. Fortunately, Joseph T. Mormino, D.D.S. in Staten Island, NY, has found a better way to replace his patients' missing teeth. This advanced technique is called a Smiles Tomorrow Partial Bridge.

Illustration of implant-supported bridge

Smiles Tomorrow Saves Time

Dr. Mormino developed this concept after concluding that his patients deserved a timelier form of treatment. Missing teeth are a hardship that can compromise chewing function and esthetics. Patients should not have to wait for weeks or months to have these natural teeth replaced.

The Smiles Tomorrow method employs leading-edge technology gleaned from extensive research to help Dr. Mormino restore function and appearance to his patients' teeth. Thanks to Smiles Tomorrow, they can have their finished bridge in as little as one day after their implants have been placed.

What Is the Process?

Smiles Tomorrow bridges are fast and effective, and they function as beautifully as they look. Because Smiles Tomorrow bridges are supported by implants, they look and feel like natural teeth. Most patients find that their days of avoiding favorite foods are over. The process for having a Smiles Tomorrow bridge fabricated varies only slightly between patients.

Your Consultation

Dr. Mormino begins the process by thoroughly examining the overall medical and dental health of his patients. If they are smokers, have uncontrolled diabetes, or have other serious health issues, Smiles Tomorrow may not be the best treatment for them. If they need other dental work, such as periodontal (gum) or restorative treatment, or bone grafting procedures to increase the amount of jaw bone to support the bridge or implants, he will make sure these are completed first.

Implant Placement and Restoration

Dr. Mormino will then schedule patients he deems appropriate candidates for Smiles Tomorrow for implant placement surgery. The highly qualified oral and maxillofacial surgeon that assists him will place all necessary implants.

After implant placement surgery, Dr. Mormino will make impressions or molds of the implant abutments, or connectors, and surrounding jaw structures. He then works with his highly trained and experienced technicians in his own on-site laboratory to fabricate a customized bridge for the patient. It is designed to not only look and function like natural teeth, but also to provide support to the implants during the important healing and bone integration process. Normally, patients must wait for three to six months after implant placement to receive the final prosthesis.

The bridge is typically ready within 24 hours after the implants are placed and can be attached and adjusted for optimal fit and function at that time.

Contact the Office to Learn More

Smiles Tomorrow partial bridges help patients feel confident again. You can learn more about your candidacy during a consultation. If cost is a concern, Dr. Mormino offers options that can help. Contact his dental team online to schedule an appointment.

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