Feel Confident in Your Smile's Strength with Implant-supported Restorations


Dental implants restore strength and stability to your bite after tooth loss. These small, titanium posts hold your dental crown, bridge, or denture securely in place so you can eat and speak with confidence. At his Staten Island, NY, office, Dr. Joseph Mormino will design a surgical plan to place your dental implants and create beautiful implant-supported restorations at his on-site laboratory.

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DR. MORMINO: Dental implants are probably one of the greatest developments in the history of dentistry. They just have changed patients’ lives, they’ve changed dentists’ lives, they’ve changed our ability dramatically as far as what we can offer to our patients. The ability to give a patient back a tooth that they have lost, without doing removable or fixed bridge work, or affecting other teeth in the area. Just focusing on the teeth that they’ve lost, has just been, it’s like turning back the clock and giving the patient the ability to have a tooth again, or teeth again, whether it’s a single tooth or a full mouth reconstruction that in the past they would’ve had to just really subsist with either a denture or some type of bridgework. And it’s just been terrific. A dental implant is basically a titanium fixture that looks similar to the root of a tooth. It’s placed in the jaw, okay, almost like an extraction in reverse. Alright? So rather than removing a tooth, you’re putting something beneficial back in. Okay? The bone then grows around that titanium fixture and once the bone completely solidifies around that titanium fixture, it’s actually stronger, many times stronger than the original tooth that it replaces. What’s beautiful about implants is not only does it give the patient a second chance, not only does it replace the teeth that they’ve lost, but there’s not future decay, they’re much stronger, there’s no sensitivity--which oftentimes can happen when a tooth, regular, you know, natural tooth, is restored either with a crown or a filling, or whatever the case may be. So they are really are terrific for, for a lot of applications in dentistry. And they’ve really changed the patients’ lives and our lives. Patients of all ages, okay, can benefit, almost all ages can benefit from, from dental implants, because, you know, once the bone, once a person is fully grown and the jawbone is folly grown, after about age 18, any patient from that age older can benefit from, from dental implants. It’s, they’re just terrific.

Dr. Mormino and team

Dr. Joseph T. Mormino, DDS

Dr. Mormino is a member of several prestigious organizations:

  • American Dental Association
  • Second District Dental Association
  • International Congress of Oral Implantologist 
  • Academy of General Dentistry 

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