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When you visit Joseph T. Mormino, DDS, for your dental care, your comfort, safety, and satisfaction are our top priorities. Dr. Mormino's Staten Island, NY, office is equipped with the latest diagnostic and treatment technology, as well as a dental laboratory for fast, customized restorations. Whether you are coming in for a regular check-up or are in need of cosmetic or restorative care, Dr. Mormino is here for you.

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NARRATOR: Patients looking for state-of-the-art dentistry in New York have been turning to Dr. Joseph Mormino for more than two decades. Over the years, Dr. Mormino and his team have seen patients with all kinds of dental issues. DR. JOSEPH MORMINO, DDS: A lot of patients that come to us really have had either a lot of negative dental experiences, or just haven’t been to the dentist in many years. And they’re embarrassed, they feel self-conscious, a lot of ‘em don’t smile. NARRATOR: Dr. Mormino has proven time and time again that he knows exactly how to keep those negative experiences and embarrassing feelings in his patients’ past. And the tone is set the minute a patient walks in the door of this Staten Island practice that offers big city treatments in a very down to earth setting. DR. MORMINO: It’s definitely a warm, comfortable environment. This is an older home that I actually renovated 20 years ago, to convert it into a dental office. We like to describe it as sort of like a small, like a boutique style practice. You’ll never feel like you’re in a clinic. KATHY: Dr. Mormino is wonderful and his staff, they treat you just like you’re a little girl when you come in here, with the pillow for your neck and the blanket, your music on. And just pampering the whole time. MS. ANGELIQUE FRAME: As with any business, it’s all about location, location, location. Here at Dr. Mormino’s office, not only is he conveniently located right off the Staten Island Expressway, but he also offers a dedicated, free parking lot to his patients. DR. MORMINO: So many of our patients have stayed with us because of our easy proximity. So it’s centrally located, private parking, very comfortable place to come to. NARRATOR: Dr. Mormino specializes in the high end dental treatments you see here and much more. The patients will tell you one of the things they benefit from most is something that many other dental offices simply don’t have. DR. MORMINO: One of the biggest technologies that we employ here that really is our niche and really separates us from a lot of our peers is the on-site laboratory. NARRATOR: That on-site lab gives patients looking for veneers, crowns, implants or any kind of restorative dentistry they may need an obvious advantage. It expedites the process which saves patients time and money. DR. MORMINO: It gives us an ability to do things in a much more timely way, and it gives us the ability to combine appointments and get things done quicker; whereas normally a patient would have to reappoint and come back for the next step because part of a laboratory procedure needs to be sent out to that laboratory. It’s done under my supervision. We have technicians that know how we work, that know what we’re desiring, and what we want to accomplish for our patients. TECHNICIAN: I know what he wants and he knows what I can give him as far as the product goes, and it works out good. NARRATOR: That type of efficiency is a signature trait of Dr. Mormino’s office. A place that continues to help patients from Manhattan, Brooklyn, New Jersey and beyond in ways many thought just weren’t possible. DR. MORMINO: We offer all phases of dentistry here, not just implants and cosmetics. We offer all forms of general dentistry, for children, okay, our hygienists, our staff are terrific with kids. The key with children is to get them used to the dentist, that it’s not a threatening place from early on. And if you can do that early on with a child, you’ve got a patient for life.

Dr. Mormino and team

Dr. Joseph T. Mormino, DDS

Dr. Mormino is a member of several prestigious organizations:

  • American Dental Association
  • Second District Dental Association
  • International Congress of Oral Implantologist 
  • Academy of General Dentistry 

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